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Our Superga Birthday Party + A Few Thankful Words


This past Tuesday we hosted our birthday party. What better way to celebrate than with our amazing customers! Our little shop brought together a crowd of enthusiastic shoe-lovers of all ages. We were incredibly touched by the outpouring of support from all those who came to toast to our success.


@sfshopgirl is a huge Superga fan! Thanks for stopping by, Alex.


Sheila & Sofia are missing Rome and have become great friends of Superga SF.

Running a brick-and-mortar-only retail business is challenging to say the least. At a time when the average consumer is bombarded with offers every second of the day and can make a buying decision instantaneously from their smartphone, getting people to stop in to our store can be a challenge. But people do stop by, and most importantly, they keep coming back!

We have built a community that stands behind us by telling their friends about us and sharing their unique, Superga SF experience with others through social media. People come to appreciate the product selection which we carefully curate for them varieties from Superga USA & Superga Italy which are inaccessible through any e-commerce chain. Perhaps, they also enjoy the espresso, the biscotti, and the friendly chat we’re always willing to have! As an independently owned store, we chose to be here on Fillmore Street because of its strong sense of community and support for local business owners.


Claudia and Dale, who came for 1 but had to have 2!


Ron, Trisha, and Harlow from Asmbly Hall popped in after closing.


Atlas came ready to party and left sporting his 2nd pair of Supergas!

In short, thank you for such a fabulous evening! Thank you to Sift Dessert Bar for the sugar rush, Zephyr Real Estate for contributing to our goodie bags, the Fillmore Merchants Association for the constant support, and especially our customers & friends who are the ultimate reason why we’re here.


Vas Kiniris, the unofficial Mayor of Fillmore and Superga friend.


Claudia and her Italian sibs: Gianluca and Giulia of Montesacro Pinseria – our favorite Italian restaurant in SF!


Pink kicks to match Minnie!


Archie, a regular visitor. He especially loved the red velvet cake!


The Superga SF team! A great first year and cheers to the next one.

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